You might have read that one of Costa Rica’s rainiest season is from September until mid-November, right? But we bet you’ve never heard that:

  • It’s the season that the country looks most amazing because it’s the liveliest hues of greens you ever did see…
  • We have two coasts that have completely opposite weather patterns. So this might be the rainy season in the Pacific coast, but it’s actually the sunny and most beautiful season in the Caribbean!
  • The weather in Costa Rica is unpredictable and you cannot rely on a weather app. Rainy season in the Pacific could mean sunny mornings and showers in the afternoon, perfect for a replenishing nap. 
  • And lastly, the low travel season means that you get the best rates in lodging, tours, transportation…and flights!

Costa Rica is a country whose economy depends on tourism, which is why we’re creating the Road Less Traveled campaign. We want you to come and see our country and possibly take Robert Frost’s advice to take the one less traveled by and, having done so, it could potentially make all the difference in your travel adventures!

Our Road Less Traveled promo includes:

  • 17% discount on daily rates of all vehicles for rentals until November 11th.
  • No hidden fees! What you see is what you pay.
  • All inclusive rates (Costa Rica’s Mandatory Third Party Liability and Basic Collision Damage Waiver at NO extra charge).
  • One additional driver.
  • 24 hr road assistance.
  • No waiting time! We offer San José Airport (SJO) express pick-up & return.
First 12 reservations get (upon demand): A free rental cooler + one free car seat/booster!


Road-less-traveled destinations we suggest you visitduring the greenest season in Costa Rica:

Get a taste of the Caribbean shorelines, turquoise water, golden sand and yummy tropical food!

Feel the magnificence of being completely immersed in the mangroves of Tortuguero National Park.

Experience one of the most visited areas in our country by birdwatchers, adrenaline seekers and scientists alike in the jungles of Sarapiquí.


Can I use my credit card insurance and waive TPL and CDW?

Yes and no. You can waive CDW (Damages and Accidents with full excess) and THW (Theft Waiver with full excess) in most rent-a-cars in Costa Rica, but you can’t waive the SLI (Supplemental Third Party Liability) because it’s mandatory to purchase it in Costa Rica. However, this usually means that your deposit goes way up high (usually no less than $3,000 USD) and you have to bring additional documentation from your bank.
For us, this usually leads to a lot of confusion and aggravation on the customer’s behalf, which we understand. For this reason, we only offer all-inclusive rates that include the mandatory fees, basic coverage and absolutely no hidden fees. This way you’re protected, you have no risk of getting scammed and both of our minds are at peace.

But the weather app says it will rain all month long. Should I still go?

Never, we repeat, never! trust a weather app for Costa Rica. We have microclimates. This means you could have the rainiest day at one beach and drive 20-30 minutes (sometimes even less) to another beach or destination and find sun and clear skies. Also, rain could mean a 40 minute downpour and then give you the most jaw-dropping sunset (we’ve seen the most glorious sunsets during the rainy season). And lastly, yes, it could also mean rain all day long too 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏽‍♂️, but that’s never stopped anyone from putting on the rain gear and explore away (or some well deserved rest).

Is it safe to drive in Costa Rica? I’ve read some stories

This question and comments that we’ve seen around Facebook groups and travel forums lack one very important fact about our country: you’re coming to the tropics. This means that our road infrastructure has been built through forests, mountains and an array of natural terrain. Yes, it’s curvy, might be bumpy, might rain, it gets dark early, etc. There are three very easy ways to dry safe and comfortable in Costa Rica:
1. Slow down! Try to plan ahead and never be in a hurry.
2. Drive during daylight. Never plan to switch destinations when the sun sets or at late hours of the night.
3. Use Waze! Not a GPS and of course don’t try to roam our country without any sort of navigation system. All Costa Ricans use Waze to get to and from pretty much anywhere!

How’s public transportation over there? I need a pro/con list.

Sure thing, we can do that!
Pro: It’s cheaper.
Con: Takes longer.
Could expose you to petty theft.
If you don’t speak the language, you might get lost.
You’ll need to walk longer distances with your luggage.
It’s rustic, might be dirty, might break down, etc.

What is all this Robert Frost reference?

The concept of this campaign was inspired by American poet Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken.